Traction oil service – how simple

The Traction Avant is the easiest car I own to do a basic service.   There is no oil filter, so the oil is simply drained and topped up.    The transmission is right up front, and not obscured by the ducting of the DS, so it can be done while sitting in front of the car.    The downside of course is that since there is no oil filter, you need to do it more often, and there are a lot of grease points to consider.

I wasn’t sure when the last service had been performed on the Traction, so I wanted to do it and at least have a baseline.   I’m glad I did, as the transmission oil level was quite low, and the engine oil rather dark.    I also greased the front suspension (except for one point I could not get my grease gun to – I will need to get one with a flexible hose).  The Traction oil service is so much easier than on the DS with the fiddly oil filter arrangement.

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