The new Mercedes-Benz Museum, 2008

The Mercedes-Benz museum is the best of the manufacturer museums I have been to.   I was able to visit the new museum in 2008, which was a couple of years after it opened, replacing the old museum.   I was already very impressed with the old museum and this new one was a big leap ahead.   Of course the rich heritage Mercedes-Benz has helps as many cars that would get prime position in pretty much any other manufacturers museum struggle to find space here.

The museum has various rooms based on themes and so some of the cars that you get to see are not necessarily the most famous.  I like this as you get to see models that you have not seen before.   Of course you can’t see a Mercedes-Benz museum without the old favorites like the Gullwing and 500k, and the museum does not disappoint in that regard.

Mercedes benz Museum

What is all the more impressive is that this museum is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are various warehouses around Stuttgart that house the extended collection.   This are not open to the public unfortunately.

The public collection is highly impressive and well worth the trip while in southern Germany.

These photographs are from 2008, so the collection has likely changed somewhat as I hear they rotate it.

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