Citroen DS rear interior lights part 2

Regular readers may recall that I started installing the missing rear interior lights for my DS21.   These interior lights are only found in the DS Comfort – they do not exist in the Pallas model, nor the ID models such as D Special, D Super etc.

After a few questions on the Aussiefrogs forum, and a lot of adjusting in the car I finally got them installed and working in the car – and the rear trim re-installed!   I had to bend the existing trim a little to make it all fit in, and even though it looked like somebody had previously drilled holes for the lights, In found it worked better to tuck in the bottom part of the light to the window surround, and the top part to hook over the chassis of the car – I’m not sure they are actually supposed to be screwed in at all.

Citroen DS rear interior lightsI’m happy with the result – the lights look good and it all seems to fit in – for now.   The acid test will be after I drive over a few bumps – the DS suspension is good, but will my install job hold up?

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