Side by Side Parker one year ownership report

It is almost a year since I installed the Hero Hoists side by side parker.   overall, I have been very happy with this hoist.     It has freed up some space to work in my garage, without having to sacrifice some of the rent paying cars I store in there.  I’ve had no problems with it.


It is a tight fit in my garage, but I knew that going in.   Being able to use the full width and height of the hoist would make it even better.   Even with my limitations it is still worth it.

Due to my ceiling height, the E-type and 450SLC always sit on the top.   I can modify the ceiling past the last beam to get about another 5-8cm of clearance which I will do at some point.  That will allow the SEC to go up top as well.  Generally the 560SEC and DS park below.  The DS must be put on its lowest suspension setting to park underneath.   I try not to park the 250SE underneath as I don’t want a chance of an oil drip on the soft top.

What I like about the hoist:
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t require air lines to release the locks.
  • It seems sturdy and well made.
  • I was able to put it together myself, although it was not an easy task.
  • I was able to slightly modify it for my setup.
What I am not as keen on:
  • The ramps are really heavy.   To the point I have split two set of pants moving them!
  • I find the rods for the locking mechanism a bit flimsy and in the way.
  • The aluminium inserts were very expensive, so I had a lot of drips until I made my own wood inserts.

The main downside of the hoist is that it can be a bit of a production to get down the top cars.  By the time three other cars are moved and the hoist lowered, a car extracted then the first three cars put back in the garage, it takes 30-40 minutes.     The double hoist means both lower cars must be moved.    I didn’t have the width for two hoists, and it would have cost 50% more.   Plus, the extra posts would have been in the way.

At some point I may look at some lighter ramps to use as an alternative.

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