2015 British Car Display Day

The British Car display is probably the best show each year in Sydney, and this year was no different.   Although the Eastern Creek show is bigger and has a more varied mix of vehicles, plus the parade laps to see the cars moving, The British show has more cars that you keep coming back to have another look and always seems to have something new.

Last year the show was rained out, but there was no chance of that for the 2015 British car display.   The biggest showing was put on by the Jaguar club, with a nice selection of different models.   In one area, there was a racing green Mk1 parked next to a racing green Mk2 which provided a nice contrast.    Jaguars always have an impressive representation, as there are plenty on display from other clubs such as regional clubs, motorsport clubs etc.   I’ve always been a big fan of the XK140 FHC, and I saw one of these in a regional club.     One owner of a 420 had made a matching trailer he called the ‘Draguar’ and was trying to sell it at the show.

Probably the most impressive display was that put on by the Rolls Royce Owners Club.    Considering the exclusivity of these cars when new, their numbers were very impressive and there were a couple of special displays such as a Phantom II restored chassis, the Vice Regal Phantom that I saw at the German Car Show (special guest).    There was even a 1910 Rolls Royce that made quite an entrance, full of passengers and a backfire as it moved into position!   It is great to see such a car still on the road and being used, and seeing this car on full rego shows the farcical nature of the NSW historic plates scheme.    I also got to see one of my favorite cars, the Bentley S3 Continental, with a lovely example on display, as well as its sister car (the Rolls Royce version).       There are a lot of Bentleys from the RR era as part of the RROC, as well as some part of the Bentley club, but from a casual observation, the Rolls Royce club seems to be the popular choice for the Bentley owner of this era.

2015 British Car Display

There are also nice displays from all the usual suspects, including hundreds and hundreds of British sports cars.

The 2015 British Car Display was held at the Kings School, who also run their annual fete, providing options for those who are not enthused by seeing all the variants of compact Jaguar lined up.

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