MBCNSW Topless Drive 2018

The Mercedes-Benz club run an annual drive aimed a convertibles.   It is better for everyone that the topless drive is referring to the cars, not the drivers.    I last attended the drive back in 2014.   I had planned to take the 250SE on this drive.   The forecast was for rain, which makes it hard in a convey as putting the top up on the 250SE takes about 10 minutes.    I was keen to see how the new tyres performed on the 560SEC, so decided to take it instead.

The route chosen was one of the better ones for a car club event in a while.   It started at the Glenorie bakery going north up the Old Northern Road.   At Maroota, the convoy turned off onto Wisemans Ferry road.   The best part of the drive was through river road in Lower Portland.   This was a twisty section with no traffic and the 560SEC was the best choice for this type of driving.   After river road, the convoy crossed the river via the Sackville Ferry then proceeded through Wilberforce until the dinner destination.

Most of the cars on this run were moderns, but there were two R107s and a lovely 220SE cabriolet.   The 220SE showed that these cars handle a lot better than most would expect by keeping up with the convoy.   It was great to see this car out and about, as mine is normally the only one when I bring it.

Sackville Ferry

The new wheels and tyres have transformed the 560SEC.   The wheel wobble is gone, there is no more tyre rubbing and the handling and noise are a lot better.   The true test of a tyre is after 10,000km, but so far I am happy with these tyres on the 560SEC.    This is actually the second time in a few weeks the 560SEC has utilized the Sackville Ferry, as it formed part of the route back from Bathurst.

With all the servicing I am doing, the 560SEC is driving better and better.   I’m pretty sure the smoke issue is valve stem seals, so I will have to attend to these in the new year.    As a timely reminder on security for older cars, I heard that one member had his W123 stolen today.   Unfortunately the car is probably already in a container or being broken up for spares.

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