The 300SE strikes back

My ownership of the 300SE had been off to a good start until 3 issues reared their ugly head in the last couple of days.

As outlined in the last post, the first issue was the A/C stopped blowing cold.  I already knew I had to do a few things for the climate control –  I could hear the little aspirator motor rattling away behind the glove box.    The aspirator motor is basically a small fan that blows air from near the dome light down to a temperature sensor.   That sensor is used for the climate control.   I’m a little perplexed as to why Mercedes didn’t just have the sensor near the dome light.   The added tube and motor seem overly complex.    The aspirator motor should not cause the A/C to stop functioning altogether.   Therefore, my assumption is that the aspirator needs to be replaced, and the A/C needs a leak repaired.

Secondly, I was in a minor accident in the 300SE.  The car was not badly damaged, which given its value is important.

AccidentHopefully it can be repaired via insurance without undue cost.

Finally, the water pump appears to have given up the ghost.  Driving home, on a fairly cool night, the temperature was steadily rising.   Moreover, it would rise alarmingly while stationary.   I stopped at a service station to check, and took in the sight of the new green river emanating from the 300SE, gently meandering its way over the concrete forecourt.     Needless to say, this was not a river I wanted to see.     I was able to top up the water sufficiently to get home.

Once home, I looked under the car to discover the source of my new river.   Surely enough, it was dripping down off the sump, leaving its residue behind.   My assumption is that the water pump has packed in and is leaking as much water as it is pumping.   The water pump is a painful job on the M103, and I don’t think I will get the time to do it.   I will probably pay to have it done along with the A/C check and re-gas.    As the say, there is no such thing as a cheap Mercedes.


On a more positive note, the car has responded well to the transmission service, with smoother gear changes.   It also seems to be selecting the ‘right’ gear more.

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