Citroen DS rebuilt rear spheres

Earlier this year, I had the suspension spheres on my 1970 Citroen DS checked for pressure.  The ride had become pretty terrible, so it was obvious there was a problem.  We were able to successfully regas the fronts, but one of the rears was completely dead.   It was time for some rebuilt rear spheres.

My mechanic sent them away to Pleiadies in Queensland.   They were able to fully rebuild my rear spheres including new diaphragms, and repaint them to the factory colour and pattern.   When they arrived back they looked almost too good to put on the car!

rebuilt rear spheresA bit of a contrast to my front spheres.    It would only be a few years later that Citroen went to the disposable spheres.    That seems a shame, as the rebuildable spheres are still going strong 50 years later.

Fitting them is pretty straightforward, and my Mechanic had them on in a few minutes.

rebuilt rear spheresA quick top up of LHM later, and the DS was back to its original ride quality.   The ride is such an integral part of these cars.

The next day I took the car for a drive and confirmed everything is working properly.   The ride is back to its previous quality, and its a nice car to drive again.  The rebuilt rear spheres are doing their job well.  Since I was out on the road in the car, my Mercedes mechanic has always been interested in seeing the car, as his father had a couple of DS models in the 60s and 70s before switching to Mercedes.

I probably get more positive comments about the DS from people than any other car I own.

rebuilt rear spheres

Of course the only downside of a drive on a Saturday morning is all the hyper aggressive cyclists. It seems once they put that lycra on, the rage builds inside. Sometimes I think they ride like they are trying to get hit, just to prove a point. Really not sure the point of cutting off cars and trying to block them on a bicycle.

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