Citroen DS further adjustments

Today I attended to a few more minor adjustments to the DS.   I plan to take the car to the French car show in mid-July which is a good deadline to complete the most outstanding items.

The first was the bonnet catch cables.   When the car was painted, the cables were not routed correctly.   There is a channel for them to go through in the front wings.   Not being in the proper place puts more pressure on the cables.  I doubt it is enough to break them but it is worth routing them properly.

The next was re-fitting the spare wheel.   I had also purchased one of the inserts for the wheel that holds the jack.   This stops it from rattling around inside the spare wheel.    This also gives a handy place to keep the reproduction tool kit I also purchased and a litre of LHM.

Citroen DS spare wheel

I tried yet again to adjust the passengers front window.   I don’t think the mechanism is properly mounted or has been modified so I was not successful.   It is better than it was.

I also re-fitted the trim above the rear windscreen.  I had previously used Velcro to hold it up which had worked quite well for the last couple of years.   It had come down during the painting process.   I purchased so better Velcro from Clarke Rubber which seems to hold it up quite nicely.


I also fitted a booster seat to the rear of the car.   My soon to be four year old daughter is keen to come to the French car show and is now old enough to ride in the car.   The DS has rear lap/sash seatbelts which are required for a booster seat.

I still need to do a few more things to the car, but nothing that will stop me using it.    Having it off the road for the last 18 months I am looking forward to driving it more.

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