Longroof Long Lunch

Today I attended a MBCNSW event dubbed the Longroof Long Lunch. I wasn’t actually planning to attend a car club event today, but due to the torrential rain forecast for this weekend, I ended up with a free morning at the last minute. Despite the weather forecast, all the torrential rain fell overnight, leaving both days quite nice.

The premise of the event was to celebrate the Mercedes-Benz wagons. Obviously any club member could join, but the focus was for wagon owners. I think its great the club is starting to embrace these sort of niche events. There used to […]

MBCNSW April 2023 Night Drive – Berowra Ferry

Last night was the monthly MBCNSW night drive. This month was a repeat of one of the best drives we did last year. The route takes some of my favorite driving roads in Northern Sydney – nice and twisty with almost no traffic.

The weather leading up to the drive had been excellent, but heavy rain is forecast for this weekend. A perfect opportunity for club members to get their classic out for a nice autumn drive before the weather changes. All these factors aligned and we had a line up of some of the best cars ever made […]

USA Junkyard visit 2023

I’m currently in Las Vegas, USA for a work event. The event starts tomorrow so I had some time to get acclimatized to the time zone, and a buffer in case of any flight delays. While most things in America have become very expensive in the last couple of years, self service junkyards are still very affordable. This is far preferable to the overpriced tourist traps I could have gone to.

I did some searching online a day or so before I left Australia to see if there were enough cars to make it worth my while. Its not an […]

Becker Mexico Cassette 370 Operation Instructions

The Becker Mexico Cassette is the radio most often associated with Mercedes-Benz cars of the 1970s. At least in Australia, it would progressively become standard in the various Mercedes-Benz models until the end of 1978. There were a few different varieties of this radio over the years, the instructions below are from an 370 M series radio, originally fitted to my 1977 450SLC. For 1978 in Australia, the Mexico Cassette moved to the 485 model for that year only.

The Mexico Cassette was always standard on the 450 models, but optional on other cars in the early 70s. At least […]

300TE Tailgate struts

Like a lot of wagons and hatchbacks, the 124 wagon uses gas struts to hold up the tailgate. Unlike most vehicles, these are completely hidden in the structure of the car. I understand this was done both for aesthetic reasons as well as crash safety. My 300TE tailgate struts had started to fail. The tailgate would mostly stay up, but randomly it would slam shut with no warning. This was somewhat concerning, as my twin six year old’s love riding in the back, and it closes with such force it could do one of them quite a damage if it […]

S124 tech day

Today I joined an informal group of S124 owners for a technical day. There was an expert in these cars visiting from Victoria, so it was an opportunity for every to get together and get some help on various projects on S124s.

We were not off to a great start as there was torrential rain, so the original venue of somebody’s house was not going to work. Luckily one attendee offered the use of his factory unit with undercover parking which made for a great location.

On the day, we had seven S124s. Three 300TEs, all 1990s and all […]