DS Carpet Replacement

When I got it, the DS had threadbare blue carpets.   The previous owner also had a blue DS, so I suspect at some point he upgraded the carpets in that car and the blue ones were in better condition than the carpets in the red car.    In addition it had marine carpet on the box sills which for a DS Comfort should be vinyl.

Old Carpets

I had ordered some new carpets and the correct foam for them from Citro Classique, and while I haven’t had a chance to fit the sill vinyl, the carpets are fairly easy to fit.   To do it properly there are little tabs to hold it down but I am not going to use those until after I have done the vinyl and the carpet sits in place quite happily.

Rear Foam

The rear foam is a lovely thick piece with a cut out for the seat belts.   It is important to note that if your car leaks into the back seat the foam can stay wet and attract rust.    The foam however is great for sound deadening and provides a very comfortable ride especially in bare feet.

Rear Carpet

The carpet simply lays on top.  I went with a slightly darker shade than is standard so it does not show the dirt better.  I also think it goes better with my grey seats.   The front foam is in three pieces, with the centre piece much thinner than the outer pieces.   It also didn’t fit as snugly, perhaps RHD vs LHD?   The middle piece being thin does seem to be correct according to La Nuancier DS.

Front foam


After that the carpet again slides in, with some fiddling to make sure it fits around the brake button and accelerator pedal.     These pictures also show the marine carpet on the sills which will be replaced soon.

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