Longroof Long Lunch

Today I attended a MBCNSW event dubbed the Longroof Long Lunch.    I wasn’t actually planning to attend a car club event today, but due to the torrential rain forecast for this weekend, I ended up with a free morning at the last minute.   Despite the weather forecast, all the torrential rain fell overnight, leaving both days quite nice.

The premise of the event was to celebrate the Mercedes-Benz wagons.   Obviously any club member could join, but the focus was for wagon owners.   I think its great the club is starting to embrace these sort of niche events.  There used to be a reluctance that I could never understand.  In a large club its impossible to create events for everyone, so having a range of different events that may be of interest so some, but not others is definitely the way to go.    This event appealed to wagon owners, so hopefully we’ll start to see more and more events that target different interests, even ones that I have no interest in.

Longroof Long Lunch

The event was held at a Surf lifesaving club in Palm Beach, the most northerly of the Sydney beaches.   It is a nice spot and a good place for a day out.   The forecast of bad weather was probably a good thing, as parking was easy – this is not always the case.    We were able to access the club because a couple of our members were also surf club members.   It was a nice spot to relax and we had a delicious lunch.

Longroof Long Lunch

Proving their popularity, the S124 wagons were the mainstay of the event.    On the day we had:

  • 3x 300TE – all 1990 model series 2
  • 4x E220
  • 1x E280

There was also a modern C class wagon.    Sadly, we didn’t have any S123 wagons, or even a series 1 S124.    We did beat our record of seven wagons at the recent tech day.    Given most of these wagons were used extensively from day one, they were all fairly high mileage and all cars in regular usage.   Unlike with a coupe or SL, it was rare for a wagon to be purchased as a weekender.

Considering I was a last minute attendee, I’m glad to have made the Longroof Long Lunch.

Longroof Long Lunch

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