2023 British Car Show, Sydney

The 2023 British car show was finally on in Sydney, the first since 2019.   The 2020 and 2021 shows were lost to Covid and the 2022 show to wet fields.   The 2023 show was still at the Kings School in Parramatta, but not on the same day as the school fete like normal.

It felt like a summer day today, with temperatures of around 33C.   Probably quite hot for many of the old British cars, and a few of the spectators as well.   It was a lovely day though, without a cloud in the sky.

2023 British Car Show

I decided to display my E-Type again.   In 2019, I didn’t display due to the large speed humps scraping the exhaust system in 2018.    I was assured by the club that it was better now, and it was.   I’m glad I had the car on display, as there was a nice line up of E-Types there in the JDCA section.

The two best displays were from Jaguar and Triumph.   Both organized their displays really well and had their models in groups of similar cars.  For Jaguar, this was by the model registers.  For Triumphs they did something similar.   It was really quite impressive seeing the two rows of Stags for example.   I wish they would do that at the German car show, as it looks so much better.   It’s such a shame to have them in no particular order.

2023 British Car Show

For some reason the 2023 British Car show felt smaller than in previous years.   They were only using two fields and they were not especially full.    Perhaps because the school fete was not on, the day was less attractive to some?  Or perhaps because after three missed shows, people were out of the habit.   It can’t have been the weather.

Regardless this is still probably the best car show in the Sydney calendar, and was well worth a look.

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