Ad of the week: Jaguar E-Type

This weeks ad is on the E-Type, this time 1964.   Its not clear if it covers the then current 3.8 model or the upcoming 4.2.

Jaguar XKE different breed of cat

A different breed of Cat

The 1964 Jaguar XK-E is unlike any other car on the road today.

For one thing, it doesn’t look like any other car you have ever seen.   And it is capable of phenomenal speed and acceleration.

Yet its handling qualities give you the relaxed confidence of being in complete command, whatever the road, speed or driving conditions.

What’s more, the 32 unique performance and luxury features of the XK-E are on each car when you buy it.   With many other sports cars they are added “extras.”

A few of these features:  The race proven engine; “Monocoque” body; all-around independent suspension; four-wheel disc brakes; bucket seats covered with genuine leather; completely instrumented dash panel.

See and drive the Jaguar XK-E Roadster: $5,325 P.O.E.  Coupe $200 more.

If you’re going to Europe, inquire about Jaguar’s money saving Overseas Delivery Plan.   There are Jaguar dealers coast-to-coast.

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