2019 British Car Show, Sydney

Yesterday I attended the 2019 British Car Show at the Kings School.   This is still, in my opinion, the premier car show in Sydney each year.    It was a lovely day, with summer like weather and a big turn out of cars.

I didn’t display a car this year.   Last year, I displayed my E-Type.   However,  the Jaguars now come in a different way over a series of rather large speed humps.   I don’t think my stainless steel exhaust system will last very long given how badly it scraped last year.    This change is because the show has been consolidated into two paddocks instead of one, with the top paddock now dedicated to seating and food carts.     This change is not for the better, but it does not look like it will be reversed.   A friend of mine at the show was following an Austin Healey on his way in, which also scraped on these same speed humps.

The highlight for me was an amazing Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.    The detail in this car was incredible, and it must have been even more incredible for people used to horse and carts to see it when new.   Great details abounded from the wheel trims, gauges, walking stick and umbrella holder.  From the mascot, I am thinking it might have been one of the ‘Alpine Eagle’ models.  I saw one of these started when I was in the UK last time.

2019 British Car Show, Alpine Eagle

Rolls Royce

As usual the Jaguar Display was quite good, although it seemed smaller than in previous years.   There were also some other great Rolls Royce’s, as well as the other popular British marques.   In Addition, there were a couple of interesting chassis only displays, a Daimler and a Triumph from memory.   There were some nice cars in the Bentley section too.  In particular a 6 1/2 liter WO and a lovely red S3.

All in all, the 2019 British Car Show was another great day.

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