MBCNSW November 2023 Night Drive – Bilpin

Thursday was the annual MBCNSW Night Drive to Bilpin for Apple pie.    This has turned into an annual event and despite being a very late night is always popular.    It seems amazing that another year has flown by, as it doesn’t seem all that long ago that we did the last Bilpin night drive.   On that drive, I swapped cars with a friend and drove his 450SE up to to Bilpin while he drove my 280SE.    This time I was also behind the wheel of a 450, this time my 450SLC.

Considering it threatened rain all day, the turn out to the event was very good.  It even rained slightly on and off on the way there.    We had two 107s (My 450SLC and a 500SL), a 380SEC, and a bunch of 124s – two 300Es, a 300CE, a 300TE and an E220T.   Plus two modern Mercedes, an E class convertible and a coupe.

Bilpin Apple pie

The drive up to Bilpin from Windsor is always great at night, there is very few traffic and the twisty roads are a lot of fun in these cars.     Once we got there, we first had pizza, then fresh apple pies and coffee.   Our host is a club member and his banter with our president is always a lot of fun.

As well as the usual night drive crew, we also had a potential new member in a signal red 300CE.   Signal red is such a striking colour.  Reminds me of my old 300SE W126.

2023-11-30 23-58-17

I didn’t get home until almost 2AM, but it was worth it.   This is the main reason why we don’t do this event more often.     With all the fun we were having, I forgot to take more pictures.  Particularly at the start when there is some light.

I ended up doing over 200km on the 450SLC for this drive.

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