Retrosound model 2 knob adjustment

Previously I had started re-looking at the faceplate of the Retrosound Model 2 I have installed in the DS.    The biggest issue is fitment of the secondary knobs.   In my first attempt, I had tried to file away small holes in the side of the cubby housing for them to fit, but I found that they jammed easily and interfered with the primary knobs.

My next attempt was to file down the knobs so only the small handle would be left.   This is a design that has been used in many other radios in the past, but Retrosound don’t seem to have a knob design like this.   See the example below from a Becker.


To achieve this I used a small hacksaw and a file, to remove the excess plastic from the regular knob.   The photo below shows a modified knob on the right and an unmodified one on the left.   The size issue is apparent as the LH knob extends significantly past the end of the face late.


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