The Flynn Collection

On the 18th and 19th of November the entire collection of the late Dr Flynn will be auctioned in Canberra.   There are around 160 cars for sale, most of them rover P4, P5 or P6 models.   These cars represent the Rover marque at its very best and provide examples of most of the models offered during that period.    Sadly, it would appear that the cars were not well kept and even the best of them is only in fair condition and many of them are basically parts cars.     As well as the Rovers, the auction catalogue also includes a couple of Cadillacs and Buicks.

Apparently Dr Flynn built this collection up over years.   Most of the cars were kept registered on ACT numeric plates. The plates were worth far more than the cars that they were attached to!   They cars were not purchased to be restored, it would appear they were hoarded more than cherished and apparently various attempts over the years to purchase them were rebuffed – they were simply kept registered and had some level of maintenance mechanically.   Sadly, many of the cars were purchased in far better condition than they are in now.     In addition to the cars, there are over 400 lots of parts and workshop contents to be auctioned.    As with the cars,  there are whole pallets of engines and transmissions of unknown quality, interior parts, hoists etc.

Everything needs to be picked up in the 2-3 days after the auction, so with the large number of cars for sale at the same time, the location and this restriction the prices should be below market.    Hopefully most of the parts find buyers as it would be a shame to see them go to the crusher.

Flynn Collection

The catalogue consists of the following models.  This does not include the cars listed as parts cars in the parts auction.


  • P4-75: 10 (including 8 Cylops)
  • P4-90: 7
  • P4-95: 2
  • P4-100:  4
  • P4-105: 2
  • P4-105S: 2
  • P4-105R: 6
  • P4-110: 1
  • P4 (unknown): 1
  • Total P4: 35
  • P5 MKI Sedan:  11
  • P5 MKII Sedan:  9
  • P5 MKIII Sedan: 0
  • P5B Sedan: 18
  • P5 MKII Coupe: 3
  • P5 MKIII Coupe: 4
  • P5B Coupe: 8
  • Total P5: 53
  • P6 2000:  6
  • P6 2000TC: 5
  • P6 3500: 25
  • P6 3500S: 5
  • Total P6: 41

Update 22/11/16:  The auction is now concluded and the results are outlined here.

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