March 2021 Rover P5 Coupe restoration update

Regular readers will remember I have been stopping by to check out the Rover P5 coupe restoration. The updates show just how time consuming a proper restoration is. Those TV shows that try to do one in a weekend really are quite silly. There is a big difference in just slapping things together and doing the job properly.

To recap there are three Rover P5s under restoration. A 1964 P5 Coupe MKIIA in manual/overdrive; a 1965 MKIIC in manual/overdrive (converted from auto) and a 1966 MKIII in manual/overdrive (also converted from auto). The two MKII cars are both admiralty blue, […]

May 2020 Rover P5 Coupe restoration update

I had this week off work, so I went by to see the Rover P5 restorations I have been following. For those who are not regular readers, I sold my old Rover P5 to a gentleman who is restoring three Rover P5 Coupes and I have been calling in to see the restorations every couple of months.

The last couple of months he has been moving workshops, so the progress is based on work done earlier in the year. My old P5 has been completely dismantled. The new workshop does not have room for parts cars. The parts will all […]

Rover P5 Coupe restoration update

I recently stopped by the workshop where a friend of mine is restoring three Rover P5 Coupes. Over the last couple of months there has been quite a lot of activity, although that is somewhat hard to see from the photos. Rover P5 restoration is quite time consuming – they are not simple cars. The photos from my visit in April are available here.

Firstly, all the electrical work is completed and tested. This is an important milestone and something that needs to be right before the interiors can be installed. The electrical work includes sensible upgrades such as […]

Rover P5 Coupe restoration

Yesterday I visited a friend’s workshop where he is restoring three Rover P5 Coupes. He is a real P5 enthusiast having owned a number of the models over the years. There are three cars under restoration, supported by two parts cars.

The first car under restoration is a 1964 MKIIA model. It was originally delivered 26/6/1964. Unusually for a car delivered in Australia, it is equipped with a manual transmission and overdrive. Most cars sold here came with the Borg Warner DG automatic gearbox. The current owner purchased the car in 1971.

The manual/overdrive ‘export’ P5 MKII Coupe is relatively […]