2014 ACT Terribly British Day

I had to be in Canberra today, so I swung by the 2014 ACT Terribly British Day.   It was quite a nice little car show with a decent mix of British cars.  I was glad to go as the Sydney show was rained out this year and I had not taken the 450SLC on a good road trip for a while.

Some of the cars I liked were a very original looking Bentley S1 Continental, a couple of nice Jaguar XK140 FHCs, and a former vice regal Rolls Royce Phantom V that took Sir William Kerr to make his announcement that he had dismissed the Whitlam Government.

An interesting piece of information I overheard was during a discussion by some Jaguar Owners, one of them mentioned that there is a man in Melbourne who is making 5 speed gearboxes that are a better fit than the ones out of the UK and America.  Many sporty Jaguars were originally sold with Automatic transmissions that really don’t suit the character of the cars.   Many have been converted to manual over the years, either from a wrecked car or through a 5 speed transmission.   This is particularly the case for MK II models.

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