The Louwman Museum

During my recent trip to Europe, I went to the Louwman Museum, in The Hague, Netherlands.     I cannot recommend this museum highly enough.   It is superb.     The collection is excellent, it is well laid out, and has good descriptions in English.  I’ve included the descriptions in the photo gallery below.

Some highlights:

  • Rare and interesting cars from before 1900
  • The largest collection of Benz cars (i.e. before the merger with Daimler)
  • A large collection of Spyker cars
  • Early steam and electric cars, including the first hybrid car, 80 years before the Prius
  • Various ‘celebrity’ owned cars including Churchill, Kaiser Willhelm, Elvis, General Montgomery etc
  • Mercedes 500K Special Roadster and SSK
  • A Duesenberg SJ
  • A great Bugatti collection
  • Other interesting cars including a Tatra, the infamous Swan Car
  • And much more!

If you go to Holland and you don’t visit the Louwman museum, you’re missing one of the best attractions in the country.     For more museum descriptions, please see my summary of the various museums I have visited.


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