Further 300SE A/C Troubleshooting

Previously, I had identified that the cause of my A/C problems was the fuse blowing.   I have been narrowing down the problem more and more to the compressor clutch.      Therefore, I wanted to eliminate everything else as the compressor is every expensive and beyond my skillset.    I had already unplugged two other components that are part of the fuse 5 wiring:  The monovalve and the Aux water pump.   The other component that is part of this circuit is the aspirator fan.  This fan is a very small fan that draws air over the temperature sensor for the climate control.   I was hearing a lot of noise from the area of the car where this fan is located.

This fan is located behind the glove box, so I removed the glove box and the kick panel below it.  However, to my surprise the fan was missing!  The connector for it was there, but no aspirator fan.   Since I have already bought a new one, I will try and re-fit it.    Even though the noise I was getting did not vary with the blower speed, it appears it is from the blower.   Since the blower is on another fuse, I will worry about it later.

No aspirator

The next thing I did was replace the missing relay that is for the Aux fan.   I am not even sure how relevant this is as the Aux fan wiring has been messed with at some point.  Relays are cheap and so I replaced it anyway.


The car is now looking rather stripped down, with no radio, missing console panels, glove box, kick panel etc.  It will probably be like this for a while as I am not any closer to solving the problem.   At least my car will have an aspirator fan.

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