2016 Shannons Sydney Late Autumn Classic Auction

The 2016 Shannons Sydney Late Autumn auction is to be held on Monday so I went to the viewing day to see the cars offered for sale.

Even though nothing really grabbed my at this auction it is always well worth going and taking a look around. Much of the stock were muscle cars, some Aussie some American.

The cars that did interest me the most were:

1934 Hudson Straight 8

I know little about these cars but it has loads of character and looks like it is in nice condition. They expect $40-$50,000.

1950 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley Sports […]

How long can the classic car market sustain $200k Kombi Vans?

Those of you who follow the classic car market would have seen the recent sale of the $202,000 23 Window Kombi at the recent Shannon’s auction in Melbourne. Somebody bid more than 50% over the guide price to secure this car. The Kombi is iconic, but is it really worth that sort of money? The market might say yes at the moment, but it is unlikely to be sustained. This sort of exuberance feels like the 80s market where nice cars that are not particularly rare like the MK2 Jag were fetching silly money. Of course, it all fell in […]

2014 Shannons Sydney Late Autumn Classic Auction

This month’s Shannons Auction had a few cars I wanted to drop by and see.

The first was a W111 Convertible – A manual 220SE. The car looked nice from the photos and the price range seemed a bit low to me. ($54,000-$60,000).

The car is nice for that price – I would rate it at a nice driver condition – the leather is a bit worn and has a few tears, the wood needs refinishing and the paint is not perfect, but that means this is a car you can use regularly. I wasn’t able to see the […]

Sydney Shannons Auction

Went to the Sydney Shannons auction last week. The Shannons auctions are a great way to see what classics area really selling for vs the tired 6 month old ads you see online with insane price expectations. The picks of the auction in my mind were the Blue XJ12C and the Red 230SL.

Somebody got a bargain on a massive Caddie, and there was a nice red Mercedes 280/8 that went for pretty big money for a W114. There was also a Ferrari Mondial that did not even get a starting bid, even though there was a man in attendance […]