2016 Shannons Sydney Late Autumn Classic Auction

The 2016 Shannons Sydney Late Autumn auction is to be held on Monday so I went to the viewing day to see the cars offered for sale.

Even though nothing really grabbed my at this auction it is always well worth going and taking a look around.    Much of the stock were muscle cars, some Aussie some American.

The cars that did interest me the most were:

 1934 Hudson Straight 8


I know little about these cars but it has loads of character and looks like it is in nice condition.    They expect $40-$50,000.

1950 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley Sports Sedan


I know little about these either and it looks more stately than sporty, but it caught my eye.

1958 Jaguar XK150 FHC

I like XK jaguar FHCs but this one didn’t really catch my eye.   While I prefer the 140, 150s can be striking too, but I don’t think cream suits the car at all.   I also didn’t particularly like the extra console in the dash.    The $75-$90,000 price seems right though.

XK at 2016 Shannons Sydney

1960 Mercedes 190SL

190SL values have gone stratospheric in the  last couple of years and they have attracted a whole new set of buyers, generally younger than the normal classic car buyer.   They a stunning car to look at, but I still feel they are overpriced and will always be in the shadow of the 300SL.

This car is in quite nice condition, although the white paint behind the Mercedes star looks very odd.   The interior is worn, but in a good way.   Generally the car is in nice condition and while I think they are overpriced it will probably go for what they suggest $140-$150k.

190SL at 2016 Shannons Sydney


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