The $230 Rover P5 MKII Coupe

The Flynn collection was auctioned off today and I ended up with a car.   It is a 1965 Rover P5 MKII Coupe.   That sounds great as Rover P5 Coupes are lovely cars.   As it is a 1965 model, it is a a MKIIC, which many regard as the most desirable of the 6’s.

This car is equipped with the 3 liter six.   Most collectors prefer the 8, but the six has its fans due to its refinement.  It is much smoother, and some would regard more in character with the car.    The sixes were also built when Rover was an independent company and are better built than the 8s which came out under BL.

The nice coupes went for good money but this one isn’t as nice and so went rather cheap. I paid $230 for the car so you can imagine the condition.  Not as cheap as some P6’s that were going for $50 or less.

The poor car couldn’t even start for its turn at the auction.  It was later discovered that the car was just out of fuel.

As the car is in Canberra, tomorrow I need to assess if it can make it back to my relatives house in Canberra.  From there, can it make the journey back to Sydney under its own steam?

The drive back may end up like one of the those Top Gear challenges, but not the ones where they have reliable cars!

Rover P5 MKII Coupe

Rover P5 MKII CoupeRover P5 MKII CoupeRover P5 MKII CoupeRover P5 MKII CoupeRover P5 MKII CoupeRover P5 MKII CoupeRover P5 MKII Coupe

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