Sydney Shannons Auction

Went to the Sydney Shannons auction last week.   The Shannons auctions are a great way to see what classics area really selling for vs the tired 6 month old ads you see online with insane price expectations.    The picks of the auction in my mind were the Blue XJ12C and the Red 230SL.

Somebody got a bargain on a massive Caddie, and there was a nice red Mercedes 280/8 that went for pretty big money for a W114.     There was also a Ferrari Mondial that did not even get a starting bid, even though there was a man in attendance who looked like a wanna-be investment banker who surely was a shoe-in?

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  • Anne T

    Dear Poster,

    My great uncle the Colonel Motorb has informed me that the problem with shannon auctions is that they take a great commission from the seller so it is better to sell on the market than through shannons

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