Finally, a working blower motor

My story of fixing the W126 climate control can be summed up by: If everything points to a problem with an expensive part, don’t waste your time trying to replace the cheaper parts around it in a futile hope it will solve the problem!

After trying a used Climate Control Unit, new fan resistor etc, I finally bit the bullet and bought a rebuilt climate control unit. This solved the problem. In retrospect I probably didn’t need to buy the resistor and I certainly didn’t need the used CCU. It also pays to shop around as a rebuilt CCU was […]

W126 Climate control woes

I’ve been fighting with the W126 Climate Control system for the last few months – and it’s been winning. When I purchased the car in November last year, it was a very hot day and the A/C worked great. It had a new radiator, so I took the evidence of leaking coolant to be history rather than a current problem. Turned out the water pump was leaking and over the next 3 months that leak got worse. My theory is that the leaking coolant shorted out the compressor clutch, as it stopped working around the same time.

I was able […]

450SLC gets a new blower

I’ve had issues with the blower on the 450SLC for a few years now. I would get all sorts of noise and irregular operation from it. Unlike in some models, the blower is actually pretty easy to get to in the 450SLC, but the problem was new blowers were very expensive (I was seeing them for over $1,200) and used units generally had the same problem I had.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a new motor assembly and fitted it to my existing blower housing, fan cages, capacitor block etc. This got rid of the irregular operation, but […]

The SLC blows again!

I had been unable to use the blower in the 450SLC for the last couple of weeks as it was making a terrible scraping sound when I would run it.

About two years ago I ‘rebuilt’ the blower with a new motor, but with my existing case and fan cages. A new W107 blower motor from Mercedes is prohibitively expensive, but you can get the internal motor on ebay.

The problem with this, is that the fan cages are friction fit on the blower motor shafts so once you have removed them and put them on the new blower motor, […]