2022 JDCA Cars and Coffee

Today I was supposed to be attending the All British Day at the Kings School.    Unfortunately the event was cancelled after the weeks of torrential rain here in Sydney.   The grounds keepers judged that the fields would be too wet for the cars and spectators.

In lieu of this event, the JDCA organized a replacement event at short notice.    The last All British Day was in 2019, so most club members were keen for an event.   Instead of the full car show, a JDCA cars and coffee type event would replace it.   I think this was a great idea.

To facilitate the event, the club booked all the parking lots of a restaurant in Bicentennial Park.    This provided a great location for almost 100 Jaguars to be on display in a very centrally located park.   It was a real credit to the organizers how quickly they were able to find such a good venue with little notice and put on such a good event.

The Club had the venue from 6:00AM to 11:30AM.   I arrived at about 7:30AM and I would estimate a bit more than half the eventual cars were in place.    The cars were organized by register, customary in the Jaguar club and I think a good idea.

JDCA Cars and Coffee
In the E-Type register we had 15 cars on display and a good mix of the various models of E-Type.    There were also good showings from the compacts (e.g. MK2, S-Type etc), The XJS, XKs, XJs and the moderns.

In particular I was admiring a fully restored Series 1 XJ in dark blue.   It was in superb condition and really shows off the lines of the original William Lyons design.   At some point I would like to own a Series 1 XJ12 or Daimler Double Six to go with my E-Type.

In any case the JDCA cars and coffee event was a big success.  I think it would be worthwhile running it each year in addition to the All British Day.

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