The DS can now take its own temperature

Ever since I bought the DS I had wanted to have a working temperature gauge.  DS Temperature gauges are quite rare – only sold as standard in cold climates and on some high end models.   My car had received a replacement instrument cluster some time in the past, but since the car was not sold with the gauge, the wiring was not present.   Luckily the manual explains how to wire it up and the sensor is readily available.

I had already done the wiring behind the instrument cluster, so today I needed to fit the sensor and do the wiring in the engine bay.   The previous owner of the car liked to use rainwater in the radiator, so at the same time I wanted to replace that with a 30/70 coolant mix.   I also threw in half a bottle of water wetter for good measure.   The water that drained out of the car had a bit of a rusty tinge, but was otherwise ok.   There was also a stocking in the top radiator hose with a small amount of debris.

The sensor is located in the water pump housing.   There is a bolt that is removed and the sensor put in its place.

Sensor fitted

The gauge seemed to move a bit in the garage, I need to take it for a proper drive to make sure it is working correctly.

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