W123 280CE further evaluation

I got the W123 280CE out again today and gave it a quick wash down.   It was covered in bird poo from it’s time for sale and I doubt I’ll have much time to work on it until later this year so I wanted to get that off.

Drove it around the industrial complex where the garage is and the more I look at this car the more I think it’s fundamentally a good car.   Somebody has rebuilt the steering box as there is minimal play, the transmission is very fast to engage and the car is quite nice to drive.

One of the bonnet hinges had sized up and was able to free that up with some penetrating oil.   This area needs repair.

Benz Coupes

Interesting to Compare 906 (Grey Blue) with 930 (Silver Blue).   I like both colours, although I prefer Grey Blue more.

I’m glad I purchased this car.   The W123 280CE is a great car and this one is eminently savable.   The M110 engine is one of Mercedes best and the W123 coupe is stylish and practical.  They are still pretty affordable with nice ones less than $10,000.

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