MBCNSW April 2021 Night Drive – Eastern Suburbs

A couple of days ago I went on the April 2021 night drive with the MBCNSW.   This month was a drive from Luna Park to Coogee via Vaucluse.   We had run a similar drive in December 2020, but the weather was a bit iffy on the day and quite a few people decided not to chance it.   This time there was no such issue with the weather.   As usual we had a nice turn out of cars on the day from the 70s onwards.

One car that was quite interesting was a W123 300D with a turbo conversion.   These were somewhat common in the 80s, but I had never actually seen on the flesh.   Unfortunately many of them didn’t survive very long as the factory turbodiesel engines were of a different construction internally.   I would guess that people tried to run too much boost.    Its good to see one that is still working on and on the road.

April 2021 Night DriveI took my 87 560SEL on this drive.  I had originally planned to take my 250SE Cabriolet, but the impact with the Kangaroo put and end to those plans.   This route is very convenient for a lot of club members due to the start and end location.   Its very hard to keep a convoy together through all the eastern suburbs traffic lights, stop sights and the like.

This time we had it even worse as there was a lot of construction along our route.   The whole left hand side of the harbour bridge was closed, so we had to go into the CBD and enter the cross city tunnel.   Unfortunately, we lost a lot of cars that way, with a few even heading over ANZAC bridge towards the inner west!   Luckily we had told everyone of the final destination.  While about half the group missed the planned drive, they at least made it to Coogee.     Next month we are going to Bilpin from Windsor, so it will be much easier to keep the group together.

On the drive, a also got to see the Cocomats on a couple of friends 280CE and 380SEC.   We all purchased our mats together, so it was good to see how well they lined up with the different interior colours.

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