The Volvo Museum

While I was in Sweden, I stopped by the Volvo Museum in Gothenberg.   Seemed fitting since I was driving a rental Volvo!

I’ve always been a fan of the P1800 Coupe, which was good to see one in there with some interesting extras we don’t see here including headrests, a fan for the rear passengers etc.   There was also a prototype of the rare P1900 sports car, as well as many other key models in Volvo’s history such as the PV544, 164 etc.

Volvo Museum

What I found interesting was how influential American styling was in the 50s for Volvo.    Apparently a lot of Swedes who had experience working in Detroit came back to work for Volvo and brought with them American design principles and the latest production techniques.     In addition, the museum had exhibits on the various Volvo trucks, boat engines, aircraft engines and so on.

It was a nice museum and worth the visit if you’re passing through.

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