Bad Jaguar horns

In this world of monster 4 wheel drives with inattentive drivers at the wheel, a horn is an important feature of a small, low sports car. However, the horns on my E-Type had not been working. I had previously checked the actual horn units on a 12v battery and got a very feeble croak out of them, so since they looked rather rusty, replaced them. However, the car was still not able to honk appropriately. I had been able to hear the relay click when I pushed the horn button, so I was pretty confident that the button was working, and the relay seemed to be ok. However, the car was in for its annual rego check and service and it turns out it was the relay after all. The relay is located near the battery (at least on the LHD car), making it quite easy to change out. So the moral of the story is not to assume that something works, even if at first glance it would appear it does. Better to check properly.

RelayIn addition, the clutch master was found to be rather corroded and the slave needed cleaning and re-attaching properly as it had worked loose over the years.


All good, the Jag is now ready for another year on the road.


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