2013 ACT German car show

I was in Canberra this weekend, so I went along to see the annual German car show (organized by the various ACT clubs including the Mercedes Benz Club ACT), which was held in the carpark near the treasury building.   it is normally held on the lawn in front of the lake but poor weather forced the change.   Poor weather was also most likely responsible for the smaller than usual turn out of interesting cars, as there were a lot of newer models that you see every day there too.

2013 ACT German car show

However, despite the weather there were a few highlights:

  • The 280CE 5.0 ‘AMG’ – recently created by MB Spares to show what such a car could have been like if ordered in the 80s
  • A few nice 50s models such as 170s, 220s and 300s.
  • A couple of nice Pagoda and W111/W108 models.

Outside the Mercedes there were also BMW, Porsche, VW, Audi, NSU, Borgward and others on display.

It was a busy weekend in Canberra with Floriade and the Thai food festival all on.

I took the SLC down to Canberra this weekend, but didn’t display it.

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