A visit to Citro Classique / Citro Toon

While I was in Europe, I stopped off at Citro Classique (also known as Citro Toon) in Borculo, about an hour outside Amsterdam.   My idea was to make good use of the 60kg of luggage space I had available to me for my return flight to Australia and the use of a rental car to pick up a few things and save the shipping.

Citro Classique provide a great range of different reproduction interior pieces including carpets, door trims, seat covers, headrests, headliners and the like.   They are a supplier to the large European websites like Der Franzose, but they will also sell to the public and their prices are competitive.

My DS currently has a black targa (Vinyl) interior, with tatty blue carpets.    The car was originally white, and would have come with a cloth interior being a DS Comfort.    Ultimately I want to replace most of the interior, but this time I purchased door cards, seat covers, a centre arm rest, and headrests in grey.    They quality looks nice and it will be a good project for me to do over the next few months.  Unfortunately the budget didn’t extend to things like carpets, headliner etc, maybe some other time.

While there, I met Toon, who runs the business with his son Richard.   He showed me around his facility and the warehouse full of interior kits as well as other parts he has for sale.   I’m certainly looking forward to getting a set of his carpets at some point in the future. He owns over 80 DS (presumably some are parts cars) and his workshop deals exclusively with DS and more recently now the H Van.   I also left with a catalogue of samples for next time!

Once I get the new interior pieces installed, my current interior will be for sale.   The black targa seats are in excellent condition, as is the armrest.   The door cards are in below average condition.

At Citro Classique



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