After 10 years of ownership, the SLC finally leaves me stranded

During the 10 years and around 40,000 kms I’ve owned the 450SLC, it’s proven to be extremely reliable. Sure i’ve had a flat battery once a couple of times, and a fuel pump that would cause the engine to occasionally stall until it was replaced, but it has never left me stranded, until this weekend.

About 100 meters from my driveway, the engine started to loose power and then finally died. I was able to restart it briefly, then nothing. Given the fuel was low, my first thought was that the tank may be dry and the gauge giving an […]

Auto Collections Las Vegas

The Auto Collections Las Vegas bills itself as the worlds largest Classic car showroom. It is basically a classic car dealership that also allows the general public in to ‘view the collection’ for a fee. This means that the cars are changing (except for about 10% that are not for sale), and it is a nice escape from the smoky environments of Las Vegas. Savvy travelers can print out a free ticket from their website and skip the entrance fee, which I think is around $12. While the cars do change, having the entrance fees means that presumably they can […]

450SLC gets a new blower

I’ve had issues with the blower on the 450SLC for a few years now. I would get all sorts of noise and irregular operation from it. Unlike in some models, the blower is actually pretty easy to get to in the 450SLC, but the problem was new blowers were very expensive (I was seeing them for over $1,200) and used units generally had the same problem I had.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a new motor assembly and fitted it to my existing blower housing, fan cages, capacitor block etc. This got rid of the irregular operation, but […]

Citroen DS rear interior lights

The Citroen DS Comfort (non Pallas) has four interior lights. Two on the inside of the B pillar and two on the inside of the C pillar. The DS Pallas has two lights on the B pillar, but upgraded ones from the regular DS. The ID Models (and D Special, D Super) have the same B pillar lights but not the rear ones. I was missing my DS rear interior lights and had been on the lookout for a set for a while. Darrin at Citroen Classics in the UK had a used set for a reasonable price. I found […]