Citroen DS rear interior lights

The Citroen DS Comfort (non Pallas) has four interior lights.  Two on the inside of the B pillar and two on the inside of the C pillar.   The DS Pallas has two lights on the B pillar, but upgraded ones from the regular DS.  The ID Models (and D Special, D Super) have the same B pillar lights but not the rear ones. I was missing my DS rear interior lights and had been on the lookout for a set for a while.   Darrin at Citroen Classics in the UK had a used set for a reasonable price.  Used interior lights I found the holes didn’t quite line up – so perhaps these were changed slightly during the production run.   I was still able to screw them in, just carefully and not all the way.   The electric connections for the lights were behind the trim, just taped up.  The fitting was fairly easy, the bulbs are the same as the other interior lights. Installed The trim above the rear passenger’s heads fits very nicely now the lights are in place.    The trim under the lights isn’t quite fitting though.  My theory is that the car didn’t originally have rear seatbelts, and so the trim sat a bit lower due to the lack of setabelts anchors.     Looks like I might need to make some adjustments. Lights onI’m really happy with how my DS rear interior lights look.   These light are one of the unique features of the DS Comfort and I really like they way they look.    I find it odd that the Pallas versions did not have them also.

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