DS Sill trim – complete

The DS is back together and sporting pretty much a whole new interior.   The new sill trim is complete and the seats have been refitted and carpets re-installed.    I’m really happy with the results and glad I didn’t try and make a part-Pallas.  The Pallas cars have carpet instead of this trim, and many non-Pallas cars have this carpet installed but not all of the Pallas pieces to complete the job.   I’m not a fan of this.

In part 4, I glued down the drivers side trim, so what was left was to re-install the stainless steel outer sill covers, and then re-install the interior.

Before Installation

While I was there, I also had the rubber pedal cover for the parking brake.   This is simple to fit when there is no interior.

Parking brake

Pallas cars have a chrome surround, but the regular DS leverages this rubber cover.

It is also easier to put the carpets in first, before the seats, with the rear seat in before the two drivers seats.

Finished job


With the seats back in, all that is left is to slide the armrest back in.   This pretty much completes the interior rejuvenation for me.   All that is left is a few more adjustments on the Retrosound radio.   This new DS sill trim is a huge improvement over the marine carpet that was in there before.  It is not a particularly difficult job to do at home either.

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