Update: DS Steering wheel wrap and rear trim

A few weeks ago, I wrapped the steering wheel on the DS and used a 3M adhesive. On the whole, this worked well for the main part of the steering wheel, but the ends were lifting up. I re-glued the ends with some araldite and covered them in black electrical tape. Lets see how well […]

DS Transmission service

Today I changed the transmission fluid on the DS. I’m glad I did as the colour was a bit more like coffee than a nice clean red. A lot of the members of the aussiefrogs forum swear by Nulon G70 (additive) so I also added some of that to the fluid too. I used a […]

New Beru HT leads for the 450SLC

The 450SLC had been idling rather roughly and stumbling when taking off from stop. This got a bit better when I changed the coil, cap and rotor – and at that time I noticed that the leads were not in great shape, especially the one to the coil.

There are a lot of leads for […]

Keeping the 450SLC cool in summer with HyChill

Lets face it, R134A is rubbish when it comes to cooling older cars. It is significantly less efficient than R12. Systems that are not designed for it struggle to keep the car tepid in the Australian summer.

Added to that, the air conditioning on the 107 models from Mercedes was never their strong point either, […]

560SEC European headlight upgrade

This post is a flashback to 2009 when I upgraded the lights on my 1988 560SEC I owned while living in Michigan.

When I moved to Michigan in 2007, I bought a 560SEC. The car was a bit rough, but Detroit is not a city you can really live in without a car, and it […]

Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 4

In part 3, I was halfway through installing the covers on the upper part of the rear seat. Today I was able to complete the job – the rear seat is finished, in the car and looking great.

To finish the job, I had to insert the final hog rings on the upper part of […]

Wrapping the Citroen DS steering wheel

The Citroen DS is known for its single spoke steering wheel. It is one of the many things that make this car so unique.

The steering wheels up to the 1971 model year were thin wheels wrapped in black plastic tape. (I understand some very early cars had a different system). Later cars had the […]

Citroen DS rear interior lights part 2

Regular readers may recall that I started installing the missing rear interior lights for my DS21. These interior lights are only found in the DS Comfort – they do not exist in the Pallas model, nor the ID models such as D Special, D Super etc.

After a few questions on the Aussiefrogs forum, and […]

1999 BMW E39 523i Review

In my opinion, the BMW E39 is still hands down the best looking 5 series BMW have produced. It significantly sharpened up the looks of the fairly boxy E34. It was later replaced by the bulbous looking E60. The current model still follows on too much from the E60 aberration.

The BMW E39 has now […]