New Beru HT leads for the 450SLC

The 450SLC had been idling rather roughly and stumbling when taking off from stop.  This got a bit better when I changed the coil, cap and rotor – and at that time I noticed that the leads were not in great shape, especially the one to the coil.

Old leadsThere are a lot of leads for sale, many of them inferior quality.   The Beru HT leads are the ones to get as they are original to the car and are higher quality.  Bosch is original for the cap, coil and rotor, but not leads.

You can buy the Beru HT leads in a set – I got mine from Gary at  the sets have all 9 leads with connectors at both ends.  Note when the installing them they are not the same length, I measured the old ones as they came off and tried to generally match the lengths.   The old ones were numbered and have a plastic protector which unfortunately the new ones do not have.

Installation is easy – the air cleaner assembly comes off with 2 wing nuts and a rubber pipe to remove from the back.  Thus gives you access to all install the wires.    Doing a test run without the air cleaner is loud!

Old leadsNow the SLC has new leads it is back to the car it used to be, smoother and more responsive.   It is much harder to notice gradual degradation in performance over time, but the effect of putting it back to where it should be is quite obvious.

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