DS Transmission service

Today I changed the transmission fluid on the DS.  I’m glad I did as the colour was a bit more like coffee than a nice clean red.   A lot of the members of the aussiefrogs forum swear by Nulon G70 (additive) so I also added some of that to the fluid too.   I used a Penrite gear oil, which turned out to be a blue/green colour.

Draining the fluid is easy, there is a hole in the undertray just where the drain bolt is, it is the filling that is harder – you have two options, there is a fill plug on the top, but to get to that you need to remove all the ducting for the radiator.  Or you can fill through the bolt on the side for checking the level.   That is what I did, but the hoses I used were not the best and I ended up with a lot of gear oil on the garage floor!   In the end, I actually found it was easiest to keep refilling the small (125ml) nulon bottle than try and use a funnel and hoses.

After that, I replaced the rubber bump stops which were quite worn.  I learned a trick from the aussiefrogs forum – use a hose clap to compress the rubber and then freeze it so you can easily replace them.   It worked a treat.

FrozenNeedless to say, the bushings for when the car is on the ground needed replacement…

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