Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 4

In part 3, I was halfway through installing the covers on the upper part of the rear seat.   Today I was able to complete the job – the rear seat is finished, in the car and looking great.

Rear seatTo finish the job, I had to insert the final hog rings on the upper part of the seat.   The foam and springs were quite delicate from age, so I had to be quite careful.   In an ideal world I would have replaced them, but that isn’t possible at the moment.

I also had to fit the rear arm rest.   My rear arm rest had been modified a bit with a small piece of wood used, and a staple gum fixing the cover to it.   I borrowed a staple gun to make sure it all fitted back.   I also noticed that the tounge the rear of the arm rest to the seat back so you can’t see through to the boot was a little shorter – hopefully it will stretch a bit over time.

Rear seatOne of the hooks was also broken to affix the ‘tongue’, so I used a little of the 3M adhesive that was used for the steering wheel tape.

Now to the front seats!

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