Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 5

Now the rear seat is complete, it is time for the front seats.   I started with the passengers seat, so I can still drive the car if necessary, as I expect once i’ve done the passengers seat I will be faster on the drivers seat.    The seat rails are bolted onto the car with 4x11mm bolts, and the rails are held to the seat also with 4x11mm bolts.


The front seat foam was in good condition and had been replaced by foam from a company in Sydney, at least after 8 digit numbers came in.   Interestingly, even though this was clearly not factory original foam, I found factory tags in the seats that mentioned the targa – different from the back seats so I wonder if my front seats are originally from a different car.

TagThe front seats are quite straightforward.  There is a backing piece that is screwed onto the seats and has blacking in seat covered targa for targa seats, but white for cloth.  In the DS Comfort, there is only one Ashtray, which is on the drivers side.   The white backing comes with the kit and I will re-cover the backing piece as part of this process.


After the removal of the backing, the bottom and top seat covers can be easily removed, through a combination of wire, hog rings and captive ‘barbs’ like the rear seats. Some of my foam was attached to the seat covers, but the foam was still in good condition after removal.

FoamOn test fitting, the new covers seem a big baggy, so I might add a bit more foam before I finish the job.   I also ahve to add in the inserts for the head rests too.

Test fit

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