Dawn Citroen drive up Putty road to the Hunter

The Putty road is one of the better driving roads close to Sydney – so much so that it is the favorite haunt of many Motorcycle clubs.  (the ones that actually ride bikes, not the ones that sell speed).   I’ve driven it a couple of times in the E-Type, and once in the 450SLC, but never in the DS.   Given it is quite a twisty road, the DS which is more like a couch on wheels wasn’t my first choice for this route – but there is fun in doing a twisty road in absolute comfort, and the semi-automatic gear change is great for quick upshifts.

More D'sThis was an event organized by the Citroen Club and there were some nice cars in attendance – the Blue D is a DS23ie BVH Pallas.   The Green car is a just completed restored DS23 Pallas.   The 2CV was breaking in a new engine, and there was a nice GS that is not in the photo, plus a couple of modern Citroens.    Breakfast was at the greygum cafe on the Putty and lunch at one of the hunter wineries.    Overall this was a good day – I like the club runs that cover longer distances – if you’re going to get the car out – get it out for a decent drive.

Unfortunately, my repeated radiator flushes did not sort out my overheating problem like I thought.   The car ran well on the flat sections and downhill, but heated up quickly on the uphill sections, so much so that it overheated twice.   Despite flushing the radiator, the coolant was a murky brown colour again, making me feel that this radiator is going to need a recore.

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