250SE Auto transmission linkages

Like most W111, my 250SE has a column shift. This means that there is a fairly complex set of linkages to connect the column shifter to the auto transmission.

After I had used the 250SE as a wedding car, one of the bushings for the linkages broke, so today my job was to fit the new ones I had ordered. This isn’t particularly difficult, but slightly harder on the cabriolet due to the transmission tunnel brace. I had previously parked the car by using a bulldog clip to hold the linkages in place temporarily.

The new bushing went on […]

The E-Type is the most reliable of them all?

I am currently waiting at the bus stop, which is one of the occasional joys of classic car ownership.

The E-Type is working fine, but I needed to go to the hardware store and it is not the most practical car for that.

The 450SLC currently has a window stuck down and it’s raining so I can’t leave it parked on the street all afternoon.

The 250SE has its transmission linkage held together with a bulldog clip while I wait for parts.

The DS is not cured of its overheating and is stuck behind the 250SE.

The 280CE is not […]