250SE Auto transmission linkages

Like most W111, my 250SE has a column shift.   This means that there is a fairly complex set of linkages to connect the column shifter to the auto transmission.

After I had used the 250SE as a wedding car, one of the bushings for the linkages broke, so today my job was to fit the new ones I had ordered.   This isn’t particularly difficult, but slightly harder on the cabriolet due to the transmission tunnel brace.   I had previously parked the car by using a bulldog clip to hold the linkages in place temporarily.


The new bushing went on pretty easily, thanks to the special set of bushing pliers I had purchased.

bushing installed

A test drive showed everything working properly, until the next bushing up the lever disintegrated and I was left with the shift linkage on the ground under the car.    Yet again, a bulldog clip came to the rescue to park the car.

Bulldog 2Next will be to take a look at this bushing and see if I can get it replaced.

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