450SLC Transmission linkage

The 450SLC’s gear stick had become more and more floppy, and given my experience with the 250SE, I thought it was better to take a look and potentially fix the issue than have it totally fail on me.  The gear selector bushings are a common issue on these cars.

Looking under the car, by 1977, Mercedes had gone to a better design.   As well as the plastic bushing, there was a metal clip to stop the linkage failing altogether.  Given this had a 115 part number, this was most likely introduced in 1968.    As can be seen in the photo below – the bushing had mostly failed, but the metal clip is keeping it in place.

Failed Bushing

Comparing old and new, unlike the catastrophic failure on the 250SE, the 450’s bushing had only partially failed, making the car still usable, but the gear stick selection vague.

ComparisonInstallation of the new bushing was straightforward.  The bushing can be popped back into place with a bushing press and the metal clip just clips back on.   I was able to re-use the old metal clip, as it was still in perfectly good condition.

doneIf your gear stick is floppy or vague, this is a quick and easy repair to do as there is the risk that the car may not be in the gear you think it is, when this bushing has failed.   Worst case you think your car is in part, and in fact it is not.

There are two of these gear selector bushings.  the lower one that is seen in the picture and an upper one near the gearstick.

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