DS door contact switch and shift gate

The DS door contact switch that controls the interior lights based on the doors being open or shut had disintegrated, which meant that the interior lights were always on.   Not the most helpful feature if you want to be able to restart the car after leaving it parked.  The actual switches are easy to remove and install, but the problem is that since the switch had disintegrated, the wiring was hard to get to.   after a few questions on the aussiefrogs forum and a few different tries, the best option turned out to be a right angle dentist pick and a set of small tweezers from the cosmetic area of the supermarket.

Contact Switch

The new DS door contact switch was not a tight fit so I used a lot of electrical tape so hopefully it will not come loose.

In addition, the plastic shift gate that surround the gear lever and shows you what gear the car is in had cracked.  The cars sold in Australia (and presumably UK, NZ etc) had a different surround to cars sold in the USA, and obviously different from France.   I wasn’t able to find a new English language one, so I purchased the French one and installed it.

New vs Old

I after trying a few different ways, I found the easiest way of installing this was to remove the whole panel the shift gate comes out of and install on the bench.  First by ‘rolling’ on the rubber dust cover to the plastic surround and then using the largest screwdriver I had to carefully pull the dust cover over the panel.

Shift Gate

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