Clifton Classic Chassis Auto Museum

The final stop for my North Texas car museum road trip was the Clifton Classic Chassis Auto Museum.    I managed to get to the Museum at just after 4PM, giving me just under an hour to check it out.   You wouldn’t want any less time – there are about 30 cars as well as an interesting art collection.   The art collection has objects that date back to 800BC.

The museum is open once a week on Saturdays and the owner is on hand to talk about his collection.   I found him to be very friendly and he told me about the art collection and the cars, and how he accumulated both over the years.    Apparently he originally kept the collection in Dallas, but after he retired he returned to Clifton and bought a disused grocery store to start the museum.

The theme of the collection is American luxury.   All but three of the cars are part of the owner’s collection.   In particular there is a great collection of Cadillacs.   There are three 1960 models lined up for comparison.   1960 is my favorite year, I really enjoy the fins with the built in tail lights.    There are also some nice models from the 50s and 70s.


The cars at the museum are all working, they are started and moved weekly and taken on drives from time to time.   I find it a shame when museums don’t use their cars and let them deteriorate through lack of use.

There is a really striking 60s Oldsmobile, the head turning Mercury turnpike cruiser, a Corvette, Buicks, Lincolns and more.    Some of these are the models that are not seen as much anymore, the four door cars are often used up and not saved.  I enjoy 50s and 60s American luxury.  The trip to the Clifton Classic Chassis Auto Museum was well worth it.

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