Machines & Macchiatos October 2022

It didn’t seem very long ago that I was at the September Machines & Macchiatos event.   In a blink of an eye it was mid October and time for another one.   This time, I took my Citroen DS.

It was a beautiful spring day, rare for 2022.   Despite that, the turnout was lower than last time.   Perhaps other car shows on this weekend.    I was parked next to a very nice Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.   I think I overheard the owner telling somebody it was a 1975 model.

It’s an interesting contrast, as both are luxury cars, but the manufacturers approached the problem in very different ways.   The DS was obviously a much cheaper car when new, although not anymore.    The Rolls Royce even used a simplified version of the Citroen hydraulics under licence.     Even though the Silver Shadow is a newer car, it was still using the older version of the Hydraulic system until it went out of production in 1980.   It would take the introduction of the Silver Spirit to move to the LHM system.

There was a good variety of cars on display as usual.   There was even one of the late De Tomaso Panteras that managed to break down while driving in.   Luckily the owner was able to get it going again.   At least breaking down at a car show there are plenty of people around to help!

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